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The mission of Choice One College Consulting is simple - help students gain acceptance to their ideal, "good fit" college. While the mission seems straightforward, the process of discovering the student's needs, identifying the "right fit" colleges and navigating the application process are certainly far from simple. Also, financial aid and the out-of-pocket costs to students/families must be considered. While it's possible for nearly all students to go to college, the risks, costs and pitfalls of picking the wrong school are costly. Not all colleges and not all students are the same.

About David

Profesor Name

As the founder, I've worked to learn all that I can about the college process in order to be an effective counselor for my students.
I recently completed The Independent Educational Consultant Certificate Program. This program through the University of California Irvine Extension was developed with the Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA). My background in business and experiences as an entrepreneur also help to bring a unique perspective to college admissions.
I strongly believe that every student should have the opportunity to find and gain acceptance to their ideal college.
David Gurr, MBA

You may be asking yourself – Isn't this the job of the high school counselor? If so, read below.

Why Choose an Independent Educational Consultant?

Recent data from the IECA shows that 26% of all students work with an Independent Educational Consultant (IEC). This trend is an outcome of the tremendous pressure put on our high school counselors from budget cuts. The recommended student-to-counselor ratio is 250:1. The national average ratio is 451:1. In California, counselors are drowning under an unmanageable case load (now 1,061:1). High school counselors are required to wear many "hats" and time devoted to college advising often suffers. Over 60% of public school students report getting NO college advising from their school-based counselor. The national average is 38 minutes of college advising through four years of high school. An Independent Educational Consultant, on average, works with only 50 students.

College visits and continuous training are also requirements of an IECA member. We spend the time to visit colleges, meet with admissions officers, attend training seminars, and dig in to what really makes each university unique. What programs do they offer, what degrees/majors, is undergraduate research offered, do Teaching Assistants (TA's) give the freshman lectures? These are just a small sample of the types of questions asked by an IEC.

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My value as an EC

I take a disciplined, "whole student approach" with no preconceived notion of where might be the "right fit" for your young adult/student. My recent certificate from the UCI program on Educational Consulting shows my commitment to helping students. I attend conferences and tour colleges regularly to stay abreast of changes in admissions and campus life. I meet and interact with admissions officers to gain insight. My business background has been a strong asset to understanding and synthesizing financial aid programs and methodologies. I'm open and flexible. I'm available during evenings and weekends as needed. We can meet in-person, via teleconference, skype or chats. I'll always do my best to make sure we develop a comprehensive college list. Additionally, I do pro bono work to serve underprivileged students on a case-by-case basis. Free 45-minute consultations are available. Why 45-minutes? Thirty minutes isn't enough time to get to know your situation and goals.

Why Choose Us?

We utilize the latest tools and research to evaluate your student and make appropriate recommendations unique to them. By helping your student learn and understand themselves better through tools and questions sets, the college selection process is clearer.

We cover in depth:
∗ High school curriculum
∗ AP / IB / Honors class selection
∗ Extracurricular and summer activity recommendations
∗ ACT/SAT insights & resources
∗ Essay & Application work
∗ Financial aid
∗ Award letter review

Your child is not a distraction to us, not just a "number" to us, but rather the reason we are here.


  • Thank you for the terrific help that you provided us in Jack's college admission and selection process. We are so grateful for your guided one-on-one work with him through his options. Jack's Parents

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